about elmo

some years ago, we were invited to take a private tour of the legendary, long-abandoned Club El Morocco on manhattan’s famed east 48th street.

we walked around in awe as bits of sunlight slipped through the shuttered windows to light the dining room, untouched since closing night in 1968.

table settings, silverware, menus—all still there, alongside the iconic zebra-striped banquets. the whole room was a moment frozen, a still life portrait of new york’s fabulous golden age.

upstairs in the office, news clippings and black-and-white photos filled albums documenting the glory days. the parties! the flair! the excitement of one of the country’s most iconic night clubs. the spirited fun, strong cocktails, good food, and famous guests.

in 2001, we picked up where that still life portrait had been left, paused. in what better way could we pay homage to the energy, the joie de vivre, of manhattan’s most fabulous moment?

from a dust-filled, long-forgotten El Morocco… elmo was born.


we hope you enjoy,

bruce and bob